Soft Play for Toddlers and Babies

Soft Play is a wonderful environment where your little ones can play with age appropriate toys and engage with other little ones. It is great for Mums and Dads looking for some interaction and stimulation for their babies, and maybe even make some new friends.

Fully equipped with soft toys, play mats, colourful tunnels, pillow animals, indoor slides and even a bouncy castle! It’s perfect for any children from newborn to 4 years old.

Soft Play is located at the newly refurbished Wilfred Noyce Community Centre in the heart of Godalming. It boasts nappy changing facilities as well as basic kitchen amenities. We serve affordable coffee, tea, snacks and a jug of water is always topped up and available for your use.

We take our Pre-School kids to Soft Play every Friday Morning for an hour so that they can mix with other children and play with new toys.

We transport them using our Pre-School bus, and return them to our Pre-School location for lunch. All charges are included in the standard pre-school fees for the sessions so you will not be charged extra for attending soft play. However if your child attends pre-school at a different day of the week and you want to bring your child to soft play independently please feel free to do so.

Places are limited as there are only 16 spaces per session, so please contact on the information below:

Andy our Super Duper Soft Play Organiser

Text: +44 (0) 7940110467


Please wait for confirmation that your place has been booked before you attend. All fees and will be charged when you sign in upon arrival.

See you there!





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