Summer Holiday Forest School – Read More here!

12036509_1526138420960133_4698910928566678190_nWhat is Forest School?

Forest School is a unique way of building, self-esteem, independence and a positive attitude towards learning, as children explore and experience the natural world.

We are currently offering a preschool session on Wednesdays 9-30 till 14-00 at 30-00 a session ages 2 to 5.

Friday’s After School Session 16-00 to 18-00 at 10-00 a session reception Class to 11 years.

Stay and play forest school sessions every Monday 10 till 11-30 at Studios Watt Gallery £5 per child suitable once children are walking well up to 5.

Valuable life skills are learnt:

  • Communication
  • Team working
  • Responsibility
  • Independence
  • Children develop self-awareness
  • Encourages a desire for learning which transfers back to the classroom

What happens in a typical session?

They start by getting ready to go outside, by dressing appropriately, wellies, waterproofs.
The group will sit at the circle of logs to catch up with what happened at the last session, and plan what to do this session.

Participants in Forest School are free to choose amongst many activities, some introduced by the leader but many are child initiated.

There are just a few of the activities to give you an idea:12141506_1534620830111892_7252795578427078695_n

  • Bug Hunting
  • Mud Painting
  • Collecting
  • Counting
  • Shelter building
  • Creating an assault course
  • And many more

They will learn to use hand tools under the supervision of the leader, to help them with existing projects for example use a saw to cut wood for a shelter, making items from wood – a mallet, coasters etc. These activities can be simple or take many weeks to complete.

After a few sessions a campfire will be lit to heat water for a hot drink and to cook some food, but all children will have to show how responsible they are while sitting in the log circle before this happens.

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